Cognitive Radio and Spectrum Awareness
CRCognitive Radio is a paradigm for wireless communication in which networks or wireless nodes themselves change particular transmission or reception parameters to take advantage of underused spectrum to communicate more efficiently while reducing interference. To achieve this, cognitive radios observe and sense several factors from both the external and internal environments, such as the radio spectrum, user behaviour, and network state.

Spectrum awareness is the capability to determine which areas of the radio spectrum are underused and which are overused. Cognitive radio technology relies and contributes directly to this capability. Spectrum awareness is one of the more high-profile possibilities of cognitive radio, in part due to the economics of being able to sublease spectrum as needed. The supply of available radio frequency spectrum is increasingly becoming a rare commodity. Whereas demand for spectrum in the most useful frequencies exceeds supply, some statically allocated spectrum bands experience low utilization and could be re-used more efficiently in a dynamic way.

This technological potential contributes to some of the ideas motivating TEKEVER CS for the development and application of cognitive radio and spectrum awareness technology. Arising from a logical evolution of the control processes of a software radio and MIMO antennas, cognitive radio presents the possibility of numerous revolutionary applications, foremost of which is opportunistic spectrum utilization and improved interoperability with various network standards.