TEKEVER Communication Systems (TEKEVER CS) was created in 2009 as a spin-off of TEKEVER ASDS focusing almost exclusively on R&T and products development and exploitation in the domain of telecommunications.

Its mission is to design, develop and commercialize competitive communication systems for the civilian and Defence markets by investing in the most innovative solutions. Hence, TEKEVER CS focuses on the most cutting-edge telecommunication technologies such as ad-hoc communications, spectrum awareness, cognitive and Software Defined Radios (SDR), antennas and their integration into vehicular applications such as autonomous vehicles.

TEKEVER CS Strategy is intimately connected to the civilian mass market. In telecommunications, civilian technologies for mass market applications constitute incredible technological drivers, relatively unaffected by budgetary reductions and material acquisition fluctuations. Consequently, a clear opportunity to spin-in civilian technologies into Security and Defence markets is here for the taking.

With the main objective of developing, deploying and exploiting commercially products in the communications area, TEKEVER CS positions itself as an important supplier of communication systems at the European level, whose main competitors are international, either European or American.