TEKEVER CS has a highly talented, dynamic and passionate team of professionals committed to a common vision: to create technology, deliver products and supply services that can be applied to enhance the world's communication networks and systems, improving one of Humanity's basic needs: communicate better anywhere, anytime.

With an aggregated experience of 10 years in research, development and delivery of solutions for the communication systems market, TEKEVER CS team is largely composed of Telecommunications Experts and Electronic Engineers specialized in wired, satellite, mobile and wireless communication technologies, service and user-driven product architectures and intelligent optimization either of communication platforms or enhanced radio and spectrum protocols.
Integrated in a multi-national context, TEKEVER CS team's strength resides in a stimulating multi-cultural atmosphere, immersed in a vibrant working place environment and driven by the challenge of delivering superior, high-performance and reliable communication solutions to a mass market of thousands of people worldwide. TEKEVER CS expects the best, and rewards its team for achieving it.