The WAC (Wireless Adaptive Communications) system enables the fast, immediate and simple creation of voice and data communication networks to support field team operations. Based on ad-hoc wireless technology and disruption tolerant mechanisms, WAC explores the best out of each piece of equipment on the field to create reliable and robust communication networks between field assets and command and control centres. The bandwidths achieved enable text, voice and video exchanges resulting in efficient coordination and control mechanisms.
WAC Details
Energy management
WAC boasts an innovative power management system that optimizes equipment use, making it ideal for use under hostile and demanding environments with reduced dimensions, low weight and total energy autonomy requirements. Continuous operation over long periods is achieved through design focused on terrain adversities and battery hot-swap techniques.

Robustness and adaptability
WAC can be used in a variety of environments, equipping humans or vehicles, or spread over large areas by aerial or terrestrial deployment. WAC has different coatings, finishes and adaptors which enable the reuse of equipment on different missions, adapting to the particular needs of each operational scenario and improving efficiency and homogenization of means.

Dynamic and automatic installation
Intelligent routing algorithms configure the network automatically without the need for manual installations. The system automatically reconfigures the network when changes occur in environmental conditions, network topology or equipment energy levels. WAC is especially suited for the dynamic and adverse conditions experienced in security and defence operational scenarios.

WAC automatically detects signal interference, promoting network reconfiguration to find alternative frequencies or topologies. Security levels can be adapted to scenario specific conditions through the use of different encryption mechanisms.

WAC Diagram